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  • Why link CRM with Accounting (pdf)
    Streamlining business processes to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings is important for many businesses. However, integrations between front-office and back-office systems are often overlooked or dismissed due to high up-front costs and security concerns. This whitepaper discusses why businesses should consider integrating CRM (front-office) and Accounting (back-office) software, and how they can do this in a cost efficient and secure way.
  • Doing CRM right (pdf)
    Across the global business community today, it is common knowledge that "doing CRM right" is not a mantra to be taken lightly. When achieved, CRM done right can significantly impact and transform a company. This article explains what it takes to be successful in CRM.
  • What Exactly is Customer Delight? (pdf)
    In this article, Andy Hanselman explains what "customer delight" is by highlighting 6 key ingredients that explain how it can benefit your business, and maybe prompt you to take some action!
  • Traditional CRM v. Social CRM: Is There a Difference?
    Traditional CRM has been successful in meeting the operational and transaction-based requirements of businesses when it comes to customers - but its a customer paradigm that now has to be expanded with new dimensions. This article explains the difference between traditional CRM and social CRM and why the difference is even created and discussed.
  • Social Media Is A Cocktail Party – 5 Tips For Networking Success
    This blog describes how you can apply the same networking techniques you would use at a business cocktail party (or other event), to social media in order to generate more customers and build better relationships.
  • Should You Divorce Your Customer? CRM Analytics Can Tell You If It’s Time To Split
    With the economy perched on a recovery, is it time for you to divorce any of your customers? Customer relationship management (CRM) analytics can help you uncover actionable insightabout the customers who actually may be costing you money to acquire, service and retain.
  • The Top 5 Reasons to Integrate CRM and Accounting in Your Business
    In many organizations, marketing and accounting functions and data are managed and maintained separately. The lack of integration of these two most critical components of your business can cause a great deal of redundant data, inefficient processes, wasted time, and failure to maximize the ability of the marketing and sales teams to use company qualifications data effectively in proposals. Read about the five key areas that integration of these two core data repositories can vastly improve in your company.
  • Email Marketing Guide (pdf)
    This whitepaper gives a great overview of how you can use email marketing to increase your return on investment, including tips for building your email list, designing email templates and analysing the results.
  • Does your company have a social selling strategy?
    This article discusses how having a solid social media strategy is vital for reaching business goals for revenue and growth.
  • Introducing the Social Customer
    The era of the passive customer has come and gone. This article by Chess Media Group introduces the social customer: the hyper-connected, creative and collaborative customer of the 21st Century. It discusses how you can create a holistic relationship and mutual value with the social customer.

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